Best Burger In The World!

After eating so many great burgers, my dad and I decided to make one of our own.  We went on a scavenger hunt for all of the ingredients and got:

  • Boneless beef short rib
  • Sirloin tip steak
  • Fresh produce including: tomatoes; onion; and green leaf lettuce
  • Horizon Organic American cheese, and
  • Mrs Bairds 5" Sesame Seed Buns

After finding all of the ingredients we had to put them together...  


We trimmed connective tissue (gristle and silver-skin) from the meat and cut the beef into cubes.  The we ground the beef in our Kitchen Aid mixer with a grinder attachment.  Mom carmalized the onions, and Dad sliced the tomatoes.  We formed 6 oz. patties, and tried to keep them as loose as possible to help with texture and crispy edges.  Dad split some hickory and put it in the smoker box on our Weber gas grill.  We cooked them to about medium-well, added the cheese, and toasted the buns on the grill.  Then we brought them inside to create our amazing burgers.  During the grilling process, the loosely formed patties resulted in bits and pieces breaking off and falling through the grates.  

Despite the difficulty we had with the beef falling through the grates, the burgers turned out great!  The bun to meat ratio was about right with 2 patties.  The cheese melted into all of the crevices of the patty and the texture was just right.  Different cuts of meat (with a higher overall fat content) could've made the burgers better, and we should have formed the patties a little tighter.  I was supposed to take pictures, but got so involved in the process that I forgot!

This was a great first attempt at the best burger in the world!  Stay tuned for our next try... (You can see our second attempt here).


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