Best Burger in The World: Attempt #2

On my second try on a quest for the perfect burger I approached some things a little differently (You can see the description of our first attempt here).  Before I compare burgers lets talk about this attempt.

The ingredients were mostly the same, but i'll go over them again anyway.  They were:

  • fresh lettuce and tomatoesBest Burger - Platter
  • sateed onions
  • mount olive pickles
  • safeway yellow mustard
  • fresh made buns
  • kraft singles american cheese
  • beef short rib 
  • brisket
  • beef chuck cross rib steak.

We did not approach the grinding any differently, but did realize that the grinding works better if the meat is cold.  After the grinding we formed the patties a little bit firmer then we did during last times fall through the grate experience.  We made them all around 6 oz, and 4 1/8 after cooked.  Once we put them on the grill, we waited for one side to cook aall of the way and the other side cook most of the way before we put the cheese on the patties and the buns on the grill.  After we took them off, the patties looked and smelled good with a toasted bun and a nice melt on the cheese.  The patties tasted astounding with a nice pink in the middle and noticingly better condiments.  We have found the best way to make a beef patty, but maybe next time...


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