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Today I went to On The Border specifically to eat their Hatch Green Chili Burger.  A friend on my baseball team has a mom who works at On The Border.  When she heard that we were doing burger tours she strongly recommended the Green Chili Burger, and we promised her that we would give it a try.  This burger is only available in select locations in the DFW area.

The 8 oz. patty was firm and juicy enough, but the flavor of the green chilis made the burger great.  The mexican cheese blend tuned out what little spiciness there was to the chilis, and the burger also had mayo to make it more mild.  This burger was great (for a nationwide chain) and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.


Additional Hatch Green Chili Cheeseburger Comments

IMG_20130629_141427[1]The burger is cooked on a mesquite grill and the green chiles are fire-roasted.  For me, it was the combination of these two factors that helped to elevate this burger to recommended status (although we don't formally review national chains).

They use 8 ounces of a proprietary blend of brisket and chuck for their burger patties.  The patty had a firm texture (probably pre-made) and when we request medium, was cooked to our order.  I would guess the patty was at or above 80% lean, as it was not dry -- but neither could it be considered "juicy".  The generous accoutrements (green chiles, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion) helped to keep each bite moist.  The burger was served on a brioche bun, which was nicely toasted.  The whole package was quite messy due to the melted cheese/green chile mixture on top, and 'salsa mayo' & veggies on the bottom...  keep a couple of napkins handy.

The fries more closely resembled 'potato sticks' than actual french fries.  Thinner fries tend to get cold faster than thicker ones, and I didn't get to taste these when they were fresh... but they stayed fairly crisp and didn't suffer much from being cold.  If you like shoestring potatoes out of the can, you will like these fries.  Update: I re-heated part of Jack's burger today for lunch, and these fries crisped up nicely and were edible at home after a day in the fridge!

If you aren't within range of OTB's test kitchens, you can look for this burger during their Hatch Green Chili celebration this fall, as I understand they may be rolling it out to all stores (for a limited time only, of course)!

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