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Burger at On The Border


Today I went to On The Border specifically to eat their Hatch Green Chili Burger.  A friend on my baseball team has a mom who works at On The Border.  When she heard that we were doing burger tours she strongly recommended the Green Chili Burger, and we promised her that we would give it a try.  This burger is only available in select locations in the DFW area.

Burger Island Revisit

 Today I went to Burger Island with the Watson's.  Everything was as good if not better than what I remember.  The burger was nice and juicy and the fries were seasoned to perfection just like last time.  Dad and I were bothed shocked to see that Mr. Watson ordered the Double Jungle Burger (a double patty burger that has about 8-10 extras on it).  I also enjoyed catching up with the Watson's.  It was a worthwhile stop with a good burger, great fries, and wonderful friends.

Best Burger in The World: Attempt #2

On my second try on a quest for the perfect burger I approached some things a little differently (You can see the description of our first attempt here).  Before I compare burgers lets talk about this attempt.

The ingredients were mostly the same, but i'll go over them again anyway.  They were:

  • fresh lettuce and tomatoesBest Burger - Platter
  • sateed onions
  • mount olive pickles
  • safeway yellow mustard
  • fresh made buns
  • kraft singles american cheese
  • beef short rib 
  • brisket
  • beef chuck cross rib steak.

Best Burger In The World!

After eating so many great burgers, my dad and I decided to make one of our own.  We went on a scavenger hunt for all of the ingredients and got:

  • Boneless beef short rib
  • Sirloin tip steak
  • Fresh produce including: tomatoes; onion; and green leaf lettuce
  • Horizon Organic American cheese, and
  • Mrs Bairds 5" Sesame Seed Buns

After finding all of the ingredients we had to put them together...  


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