ssweeney's Review of Burger Fixin

Weighted Overall

Jack and the @TCA_Texas 12u Aleman boys showed up for lunch at Burger Fixin today.  Solid burgers served up at this joint, but I recommend the double-meat burger to balance the large, 5-inch bun.  Next time we go, I want to try Ron's barbecue, because I understand that it is also very good.

MAIN FARE:Burger Fixin Under the Bun

  • Burger is built with a 1/3 lb patty and a 5" bun
  • We order ours with mustard and "all the veggies" (i.e., lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion)
  • Patty is cooked well-done on a flat top grill inside the burger shack
  • Bun is nicely toasted, and veggies are cool and crisp
  • Meat to bun ratio favors the bun with a single patty burger... the double meat burger has a better balance 


jsweeney's Review of Burger Fixin

Weighted Overall

 On a saturday after baseball, the team met up for lunch at Burger Fixin.  I enjoyed it, and had fun messing around with my friends.  We threw bean bags at each other and jokeed around pretty much the whole time.

MAIN COURSE:Burger Fixin Cheeseburger and Fries

  • The patty was good, but a little too small for the bun and vegies
  • The bun was toasted a little for texture
  • The vegies were nice and fresh, but a little overpowering to the patty


csweeney's Review of Freds Texas Cafe

Weighted Overall

 On a warm day in March, after a long drive through Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, we took a detour into Fort Worth's West Seventh district.  Nestled off the new urban designed apartments and hip restaurants is an old standby:  Fred's Texas Cafe.  This being my first visit, I was curious about the mix of old establishment in the newly designed area.

jsweeney's Review of Freds Texas Cafe

Weighted Overall


  • comes with everything i like on it
  • nice and juicy yet cooked well
  • buns suited for 1/2 pounder (which is what I got)
  • cheese melts well


  • fries were a bit soggy because they were waiting to be picked up for so long
  • fries also needed salt'n'pepper (exept for cheese fries)
  • bacon cheese fries also had grilled onions
  • root beer tasted great


ssweeney's Review of Freds Texas Cafe

Weighted Overall

Good burger joint.  For best service, sit inside the cafe.  Check the blackboard for specials, but stick with the basics for the best value.

MAIN FARE:Fredburger w cheese - cross-section

  • Because the patties are listed at 1/2 pound, Jack and I split a "Fredburger"
  • Comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mustard... perfect.
  • Meat-to-bun-to-condiments ratio on the Fredburger is "spot on"
  • The patty is cooked to well, but still nice and juicy... with some good crisp edges for added texture
  • The cheese is nicely melted - gooey goodness!
  • Buns are toasted on the flat top and are a good fit for the 1/2 lb patty


ssweeney's Review of JGs Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE:JGs Cheeseburger, fully dressed

  • 1/3 lb patties here, so Jack and I opt for our own burgers today 
  • Pre-formed Angus beef patties being cooked on a flat top grill, with just a bit of simple seasoning (maybe just salt) applied
  • Patties are cooked medium-well
  • 5" Mrs Baird's white bun are toasted on the flat top
  • American cheese is applied on the grill, but doesn't melt by the time it reaches our table
  • DIY fresh veggies at the condiment bar, including: shredded iceburg lettuce; tomatoes; pickles; sliced white onions; yellow mustard; mayo; and Gulden's spicy brown mustard.  
  • We both opt for the Texas traditional: yellow mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce, and tomato
  • This is a nice burger, but the patty doesn't approach those that are ground fresh daily


csweeney's Review of JGs Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Weighted Overall

 We visited JG's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on a Saturday afternoon in March.  The weather was a little too cool to sit outside, but if it were a bit warmer, there would have been adequate room to enjoy the sunshine during our meal.

jsweeney's Review of JGs Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Weighted Overall


  • The beef flavor was good and cooked around medium-well
  • There was very little of a simple seasoning
  • I liked how we got to add our own condiments
  • The bun had a nice toast to it
  • The cheese wasn't melted because the flatop grill only provided heat from one side 
  • Overall, it was a good burger


Best Burger In The World!

After eating so many great burgers, my dad and I decided to make one of our own.  We went on a scavenger hunt for all of the ingredients and got:

  • Boneless beef short rib
  • Sirloin tip steak
  • Fresh produce including: tomatoes; onion; and green leaf lettuce
  • Horizon Organic American cheese, and
  • Mrs Bairds 5" Sesame Seed Buns

After finding all of the ingredients we had to put them together...  


ssweeney's Review of Humperdinks - Richardson

Weighted Overall

 MAIN FARE (The burger):Humperdinks Burger

  • They serve 8 ounce beef patties, and we decide to split a Bacon Cheeseburger (with bacon on the side).
  • Burgers are served on a very lightly toasted, homeade, white bun - ours with melted cheddar cheese
  • The patty was cooked with just a touch a pink left (perfect), and lightly seasoned.  This patty exudes beefy flavor, and the texture is silken.
  • The veggies were fresh & crisp (shredded iceburg lettuce, white onion, and tomato).  
  • Note: Humperdink burgers are served with mayo, but we didn't notice this from the menu (our bad).  We enjoyed the burger with mayo, but think it would be even better with yellow mustard.
  • The construction of the burger was very good.  The bread : meat : veggies ratio was spot on!  
  • This is a very tasty burger, with the beef flavor leading the charge.

OTHER FARE (Everything else):

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