Kennys Burger Joint

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Kennys Burger Joint
1377 Legacy Dr
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: (214) 618-8001‎

Sun: 11a-9p
Mon-Thu: 11a-10p
Fri-Sat: 11a-11p

Kenny's front

Kenny's is NOT a burger joint...  Per their own menu, they are a "modern burger restaurant",  and this is a much more accurate description.  This place came highly recommended by my dental hygienist (twice).  Thanks Brendi!

The roughly $14.00+tax you pay for the burger, fries, and shake are at the top of the list of highest prices we've paid for a meal at any of our burger stops.

It's all about the beef at new crop of hamburger spots

Here's an article I saw in the NeighborsGo section of the DMN today:

Plans for 2010

Jack has informed me that he DOES want to continue with burger tours in 2010.  So we will be establishing a plan for our second year of burger touring.  I expect that we will try to cover some that we might have missed last year, and then branch out into new territory. 

We will likely hold a couple of "warm-up" outings as the school year starts to wind down, and then begin weekly or bi-weekly outings at the beginning of the summer.

ssweeney's Review of II Brothers Grill and Bar

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 MAIN FARE (Burger):Standard cheeseburger

  • Burgers are offered with 1/2 pound patties, but I decide to have a whole burger tonight... half a burger would likely be plenty for just me.
  • I order the II Brothers burger with Cheddar cheese and jalapenos. (comes with mustard, pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomato.  The meat is cooked on a flat top grill, and is formed into a loose patty.   The burger comes inside a soft kaiser bun, which is a bit too big for the patty.
  • The burger is cooked medium-well, and was perfectly done.  The burger was tasty and juicy.  In fact, the patty was so juicy that the bottom bun became quite soggy. 

ssweeney's Review of Kellys Eastside

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE (Burger):Kellys Cheeseburger

  • The Plan-O Cheeseburger is offered with a 1/2 pound pattiy, so Jack and I split one.  They offer cheddar, swiss, or pepper jack cheese, and we select cheddar.  Burgers comes with pickles, lettuce, and tomato and mayo.  We request mustard, no mayo please.  When our server asks how we'd like it cooked, we ask for medium-well.
  • The meat is cooked on a wood-fired grill, and comes medium, but Jack doesn't complain one bit.   The beef was seasoned enough to bring out the flavor, but was not too salty.  This burger is tender, moist, and juicy... and the flavor from the wood fire come bursting through, making this a GREAT burger!

jsweeney's Review of Kellys Eastside

Weighted Overall

Main Fare:

  • Burger: Nicely seasoned burger.  Done medium-well, just like we asked.  It was cooked over a wood fire.
  • Cheese: It was cheddar, not American... but still really good.
  • Bun: Served on a really good Kaiser roll... first one on the tour.
  • Toppings: They put the toppings under the fries, so they were sort of hidden.  But they were still really good.

jsweeney's Review of Mooyah Burgers

Weighted Overall

Main Fare:

  • Burger: It was really good.  It was crispy on the edges, and good and juicy on the inside.
  • Bun: I liked the toasted, sesame seed bun.
  • Toppings: They put just what we asked for, because we got to fill out a sheet saying exactly what we wanted on our burger.
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