ssweeney's Review of Hopdoddy Burger Bar

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  MAIN FARE (The burger):Hopdoddy cross-section

  • They serve 7 ounce beef patties, and we decide to split a Classic Burger with cheese
  • Burgers are served on a toasted, homeade, white bun - ours with melted cheddar cheese
  • The patty was cooked with just a touch a pink left (perfect), and lightly seasoned.  Not sure if it is the beef blend or the "Doddy", but the beefy flavor seems average, and the texture has a bit of a chew.   I would certainly not rate this as a greasy burger.
    • Milder flavor and lack of silky texture may indicate they are using a leaner mix than most?  
  • The veggies were fresh & crisp (leaf lettuce, white onion, and tomato).  
    • Interesting note: No pickles served on the any of burgers.  However, they had homeade dill and bread-n-butter pickle slices that were quite good... but you had to ask for them.
  • Also, Hopdoddy burgers are served with a "sassy sauce", which I would guess to be mayo with a touch of dijon mustard and horseradish (Think upscale "Horsey sauce" from Arbys).  We ordered this on the side, and it made a nice dipping sauce for the fries.  Yellow mustard on our burger, thank you very much.
  • The construction of the burger was very good.  The bread : meat : veggies ratio was spot on!  
  • This is a tasty burger.

jsweeney's Review of Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Weighted Overall

  MAIN FARE (The burger):

  • The burger patty 7 ounces, and I decided to get a whole burger.
  • The patty was thick and juicy!
  • It was on a homeade, white bun and the bun was nicely toasted.
  • The cheese was nicely melted when the burger was served.
  • No pickles on the whole menu.  But they had homeade bread-n-butter and dill pickles that were pretty good.
  • The veggies were very fresh and mixed nicely with the amount of meat, and I thought the burger was wonderful!

OTHER FARE (Everything else):

ssweeney's Review of S and Bs Burger Joint

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MAIN FARE:S and B Burger

  • Thin patty place, the 5oz patty seemed like a slider, even though we weren't that hungry
  • Served on a soft, white bun with an extremely light toast
  • The veggies were fresh: Lettuce, red onion, tomato, and pickles
  • This is a tasty burger, and leaves you wanting more


Hopdoddy Burger Bar

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Hopdoddy Burger Bar
1400 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704‎
Phone: (512) 243-7505
Hopdoddy's North
24388 W Anderson
Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (512) 467-2337

Sun-Thu 11a-10p
Fri-Sat 11a-11p


jsweeney's Review of S and Bs Burger Joint

Weighted Overall

 MAIN FARE (The burger):

  • The burger was 5 ounces, but I wasnt all that hungry.
  • The patty was thin, greasy and delicious!
  • It was on a soft, white bun and the bun was barely toasted.
  • This wouldve been better with a double cheeseburger.
  • The cheese got more melted as I ate my burger.
  • The overall flavors mixed together nicely, and I like the burger alot!

S and Bs Burger Joint

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S and Bs Burger Joint
20 NW 9th
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 405-270-0516

Owned and Operated by Shannon Roper and Bryan Neel ("S&B")

S and B Front

Mon-Thu 11 am - 10 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am - 12 am
Sun 11 am - 8 pm

ssweeney's Review of Dairy-Ette

Weighted Overall


  • Dairy-Ette burger cross-sectionThis is a well put together burger - nothing fancy, just good
  • Served on a lightly toasted, oversized hamburger bun
  • Plenty of fresh veggies: Iceburg lettuce, diced onion, tomato, and pickles
  • A thin patty cooked on a flat top has a bit of crisp texture on the edges but is just ever-so-slightly less than well done. 
  • American cheese, of course
  • I think they said the patty was 1/4 pound, and with the veggies (and side items we ordered) is enough to fill us up.  However, the double-meat patty would have provided a better bread-meat-veggies ratio.
  • Good burger!

ssweeney's Review of Maple and Motor

Weighted Overall

Cross-section of Maple and Motor CheeseburgerMAIN FARE (Burger):

  • These burgers feature 1/2 pound patties, but Jack is hungry after playing 2 baseball games... so we each order our own.
  • We order the burger - all the way - cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle relish (yes, really!),  and mustard. 
  • These hand-formed patties are recommended "pink", and that's the way we order them.  The patty is not flattened on the grill, and mine turns out quite thick... so much so that it doesn't fill the 5" soft, white hamburger bun.  Maybe they flatten the patties more for those not wanting the "pink", but we didn't see that because everyone there took the house recommendation.
  • The burger is well-seasoned -- just to the brink of being too salty.  It is a greasy burger, but the texture is INCREDIBLE!  This burger has a soft bite, sumptuous mouthfeel, and then justs melts in your mouth.  I read that Jack uses a blend of Chuck and Brisket that is 70/30.
  • The single-meat burger provides the proper ratio of bun, meat, and veggies.

jsweeney's Review of Maple and Motor

Weighted Overall

MAIN FARE (The burger):

  • The burger was 8 ounces, but I didn't want to split one
  • The patty was thick, greasy and delicious!
  • It was on a soft, white bun... and the burger slid right off the bun!
  • This is a "melt-in-your-mouth" burger
  • The cheese got more melted as I ate my burger - the patty was hot and fresh
  • The overall flavors mixed together nicely, and I like the burger alot

OTHER FARE (Everything else):

CBs Sandwich Shop

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CBs Sandwich Shop
3304 Wesley St
Greensville, TX 75401
Phone: 903-455-7661
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