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9785 Ferguson Road
Dallas, TX 75228-3800
Phone: (214) 327-9983

(from the Dallas Observer) East Dallas has a healthy dose of drive-in burger joints. Dairy-Ette, open since 1956, is just one of the fine examples of a bygone era frozen in time -- and neon. Here, care is not only given to the burgers but is also given to the thin, snap-in-your-mouth fries and homemade root beer (as in on location), done the same way since the cooks began flipping patties at Dairy-Ette.

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily

Dairy-Ette from street

DMN - Restaurant review: Square Burger


From our good friend and Burger Crew member, Scott Crouch...

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ssweeney's Review of Jacks Burger House

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Main Fare:

  • We were told that the patties were 1/4 pound, and Jack wanted to get his own burger... so I also ordered a single-patty cheeseburger.  The standard cheeseburger comes with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions.
  • The burgers come out on a toasted (both sides) sesame seed bun, and the patty has been pressed to nearly match the bun size... which results in a super-thin patty. 
  • The meat to bread ratio favors the bread, and the patty is so thin that the amount of seasoning seems almost too much.  Definitely order the double-meat burgers here.
  • The veggies are cool and crisp, the amount of mustard is right.  Its a pretty good burger aside from the thin patty vs. spice and bun (mentioned above).

jsweeney's Review of Goffs Hamburgers

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The burger was pretty good. It was overstuffed with veggies and cheese.


The shake was great and the fries were frozen.


The food came out pretty fast.      

ssweeney's Review of Goffs Hamburgers

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MAIN FARE:Goffs #15 with Cheese

  • Jack asks about the size of the burger patties, and is told 1/4 pound, so we both order a #15 (with mustard, pickle, lettuce, and tomato) with Cheese.
  • These burgers are small, but colorful.  They are served in a waxed paper pocket on a toasted sesame seed bun.  The patty has grill marks from the charcoal grill, and contrasts with the shredded velveta or american cheese (a nice touch).  The tomato slices, shredded lettuce, diced onion, and pickle slices are cool and fresh.
  • This is a very nice burger... the patty is cooked well-done, and has just a bit of chew to it.  There seems to be very little seasoning on the patty, and the meat flavor is good.  The plentiful vegetables offset the somewhat undersized patty.

ssweeney's Review of Ye Ole Butcher Shop

Weighted Overall

Main Fare:

  • We order a Butcher Burger, All the Way with Cheese, and select mustard as our sandwich dressing. 
  • The burger came well done, and served with shredded lettuce, tomato, a few rings of onion, and pickles.  The balance of ingredients was right... not too much onion, or too many pickles to overwhelm the burger. 
  • The burger looked like it had been put in a panini press to toast the bun...
  • The meat was a little chewy, but not dry.  That might be attributed to the way it was cooked, or to the fact that the beef was a little more lean than in other joints.  The flavor of the beef was good, but not remarkable.

jsweeney's Review of Ye Ole Butcher Shop

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The burger was pretty good. It was thuroughly cooked, and it had sliced lettuce.


The tots and rings were great. But the fries were a frozen product.


The place was not crowded and sort of quiet.

ssweeney's Review of Chips Old Fashioned Hamburger

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MAIN FARE:Chips Cheeseburger

  • The burgers come with 1/3 pound patties, so we each opt to have our own cheeseburger (rather than getting a double meat burger).  We order with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.
  • My burger is cooked well-done, and comes on a beautiful fresh egg bun with poppy seeds.  The veggies are fresh, and include chopped iceburg lettuce and chopped onions.  These chopped items make for a somewhat messy burger.
  • The texture and flavor of the burger are quite good, however the bun is just too big for a single patty burger... Jack probably has 1/4 of his bun left after eating all of the meat.

jsweeney's Review of Chips Old Fashioned Hamburger

Weighted Overall


The burger was pretty darn good. The patty was cooked just right. It was a 1/3 pounder so I had my own burger. The bun was really big so when I was done there was still bun left.


The strawberry shake was great but the chocolate not so good. the cheese fries regular fries sweet potato fries were all great.


The atmosphere was okay but the shakes came out late.

DMN - Best in DFW: Burgers

"If you're a lover of hamburgers, there is no better place to live than Big D... 
The Best in DFW series presents critics' and staff picks ... Critics' picks are presented without ranking."

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