ssweeney's Review of 12 Burgers


MAIN FARE (Burger):

  • Burgers are offered with 1/2 pound patties, so Jack and I decide to split one. 
  • The "Cheeseburger" comes with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and thousand island dressing.  We quickly replace the dressing with mustard, and add red onions and pickles.  Interesting side note that they use roma tomato slices on their burgers.
  • The meat is cooked on a flat top grill, and pressed thin with a spatula.  Our burgers are cooked extremely well-done and were crispy around the edges of the patty.  Using fresh, choice meat, I keep waiting for the beef flavor explosion inside my mouth... but it never comes.
  • The burger comes inside a large hamburger bun, which seems too large for the single, thin patty.
  • One of their tag lines is that everyhing is fresh... and that did seem to be the case for the burger.  However, the patty had a hard time measuring up to the bun and overcoming cooking issues.

OTHER FARE (Everything Else):

  • We order onion rings with our burger combo, and they look and taste like standard frozen rings. 
  • We also get an order of their cheese fries.  They use their fresh-cut fries to make the cheese fries, but somehow the process dried out the fries and made them chewy... microwave?  The texture problem here even makes it difficult to evaluate the fries which did not have any cheese on them (a majority of the basket).  We were underwhelmed.
  • I would like to go back and taste a straight order of fresh-cut fries, because they seem to be the real deal.
  • No shakes to go with the burgers, and they are out of both the cheesecake and chocolate cake menu items.  Bummer... that hurts.


  • 12 Burgers is on the Southeast corner of Beltline and Preston (access from Beltline).  It is in the old Fish on Fire space, and the layout hasn't changed much.  Patio seems pretty vacant/unused. 
  • They've added a couple of flat screen TVs (which Jack noted), and generally updated and cleaned the interior.
  • The joint is not busy at 6pm on Tuesday, and business hadn't picked up much by 7pm when we leave.
  • At the moment, there is no beer or wine sold here, so remember to BYOB.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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