ssweeney's Review of Kellers Drive In


MAIN FARE (Burger):

  • These are thin-patty burgers, so a double cheeseburger is in order here.  The burgers come standard with  pickles, tomato, onion, and mustard... so I add lettuce (which is shredded iceburg). 
  • Burgers are served on buttered & toasted poppy seed buns (or you can request a non-seeded bun) and wrapped in wax paper... a necessity for eating in the car. 
  • This is a classic American double-cheeseburger cooked on a flat-top grill.
  • I like the poppy seed buns and the fact that they lightly grill the onion.

OTHER FARE (Everything Else):

  • Rings are fried until dark and cripsy.  They have a good crunch and the onion is tender.
  • Tots are also served crispy - just the way they should be... these are good!
  • The french fries look fresh-cut with some skin on and good flavor, but with little or no seasoning. 
  • Didn't taste the tea, but my lemonade is Country Time, and I'm kicking myself for not ordering a beer.
  • The shake uses vanilla ice cream and Nestle Quick Strawberry flavoring, and brings back childhood membories of that flavor.  The ice cream is a nice rich vanilla... quite good, and turns out to be more of a "swirl" than a pure strawberry shake.


  • Great drive-in burger joint feel here... This is purely a throwback burger vibe leftover from the 50's. 
  • Things move quickly here.  The waitresses are prompt and food arrives fast and hot. 
  • Our waitress is friendly and calls us "hon" or "honey" when she talks.
  • There are a couple of outside benches that are being used by bikers.
  • It is 100+ degrees, so we opt to keep the motor running and the air conditioning on... but there are many here milling about outside there cars with a beer in-hand.
  • You can order a beer/6-pak/12-pak/case here and imbibe with your meal.  Very nice!
  • Tip: Don't unwrap your burger from the wax paper because you'll never get it re-wrapped properly!  I had to take mine out of the paper for photographs, and paid the price with large mustard-based stains on my shorts.
Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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