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Overall, this was a good burger experience.  Comfortable atmosphere, good burgers & decent sides, with friends and tasty beverages.  I'd make a second trip without much hesitation.


  • They serve a 6 oz patty on a toasted bakery bunDSC_0079
  • We opt for american cheese and grilled red onions, but take the other 'standard' veggies: iceburg lettuce (leaf), tomato, and a pickle (yes, I think that's literally a single pickle slice)
  • I order a 'pink' burger, and it comes out very much so... but with a nice char on the outside.  The patty is handled gently and kept reasonably loose, which adds to the bite and mouthfeel of the burger.  
  • The patty is seasoned enough to enhance the meaty flavor, but without causing distraction.
  • This is a juicy burger (reminiscent of Grindhouse in Atlanta).  Probably some mix of chuck and brisket... around 70ish% lean.  The bottom bun does its job and soaks up quite a bit of the juice, but definitely keep some extra napkins handy.
  • I agree with Jack that "stacking" of all the veggies on the bottom bun makes it more difficult to eat.
  • Shannon orders the house-made veggie patty, and Cathy gets her standard Shroom & swiss burger.



  • Chili-cheese fries - We order the chili on the side so that Shannon (our vegetarian) can partake, and when they come out with chili on top, we are forced to send them back to the kitchen.  This is too bad... because they.look.AMAZING!
  • And the second attempt isn't nearly as appealing.  The fresh-cut fries are good, but not great (worthy of trying on their own).  Cheese-fries are pretty good.  The chili comes out in a small styrofoam container, which doesn't present very well, but was actually quite tasty.
  • Onion Rings - Heavily breaded and super-thin... more like round onion strings.  They are hard to eat because they refuse to hold their shape, and get cold quickly.  Agree with 
  • DSC_0074another blogger that said these would make a better burger topping than side item.
  • Sweet potato fries - Simple & good... although I don't think these are hand cut & made from scratch.  They were cooked till they were crunchy outside, and moist inside.
  • Jack and Shannon both enjoyed their milkshakes
  • I enjoyed a Deep Ellum Pale Ale... very tasty!


  • In a converted old house just across Gaston Ave from Baylor Medical Center.  It has patio DSC_0081and roof seating, which might have been nice in the springtime, but we opt for air-conditioning on this hot summer day.
  • We meet some old friends, and take the opportunity to catch up a bit and see their new home in Lakewood.  Seeing friends on a burger stop always makes it better!
  • I've heard the house-made chips are good, and I'd probably try them next time instead of the onion rings and/or sweet potato fries.  Also, some of the dessert items on the counter looked delish...
  • $12.90 + tax for cheeseburger, fries, and shake.  The 6oz burger is small to split, but the fries and shake could easily be shared.

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