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Long history, friendly service, and old-school techniques make this joint a classic hamburger experience.  Be aware that seating is limited and there may be a bit of a wait at peak times.  If you are in the Ardmore area, it is definitely worth a visit.  I know they open early for breakfast, but think they close after lunch... so it may be wise to call ahead to confirm they are open.

MAIN FARE:Deluxe with cheese and grilled onions

  • I ordered the "Deluxe" with grilled onions.  Jack ordered the "Lucy" which came with a larger (1/2 lb) patty.  Balls of hamburger meat are pressed flat just before being put onto the well-seasoned flat-top grill.  
  • Onion strings are placed onto the grill to brown, and then on top of the patty before being moved into the waiting bun (already prepared with the veggies).
  • Not sure whether the meat is ground fresh daily, but because the patties are pressed thin, they cook to well-done rather quickly.  There is nice caramelization around the edges of the patty.  
  • Lucy cross-sectionEither they were just too busy, or condiments and seasoning are left entirely up to the customer.  The first few bites were a bit of a disappointment, but adding some salt & pepper and a squirt of mustard got things straightened out.
  • All of the veggies (including the onions) were stacked on the bottom bun, with only cheese between the patty and top bun.  The large pile of caramelized onions looked great, but made the burger quite slippery in the bun.  


  • Coconut cream pieThe fresh-cut fries were pretty good, although a bit under-cooked... and again served without any seasoning.
  • The tater tots were nicely golden brown and crispy on the outside.
  • They were out of ice cream... so no shakes today.
  • The homemade pie was outstanding, and stole the show.  I'd go back just for the pies!


  • This joint is old-school... and proud of it!  History dates back to the 1940's.
  • GrillVery small/cozy dining room.  Our party of five was split to groups of 2 and 3 so that we could get seated.  
  • We arrived in time for a busy lunch hour, and the staff was friendly (although very busy).
  • Jack liked the shirts that the staff were wearing, and asked about buying one... but they were out of stock.
  • Definitely a unique dining experience... and I understand that they also serve up a great breakfast!
  • The place seemed to be owned and run by an all-woman crew.  The owner was not there on the day of our visit, but would love to have a chance to chat during a return visit!

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