jsweeney's Review of Wunsche Brothers Cafe and Saloon

MAIN FARE:Wunsche Bros Cheeseburger 2

  • These are 1/2 pound burgers, and we found the bun to meat to veggie ratio satisfying.
  • We ordered the cheeseburger, which adds a slice of american cheese.
  • The bun was a standard, commercial 4" bun.  Solid choice.
  • Veggies were fresh and tasty.  Shredded iceburg lettuce, dill pickles, ripe tomato, but we don't recall the onions (although the menu states that they are included).  We ordered mustard, no mayo... of course.
  • The patty was cooked well-done, maybe too well for our taste.  There was very little seasoning, which made for a bland patty.  Even without seasoning, the beef flavor did not stand out... possibly frozen?  The texture of the patty was packed tight and a bit chewy - probably pre-formed, for convenience.  I would question the grade/quality of cuts used to make this hamburger.


Wunsche Bros Fries

  • Fries - Fresh cut fries, with little to no seasoning.  Hot out of the fryer.  With a bit of salt & pepper, these were excellent!  Dad didn't even need ketchup.
  • Rings - Chewy onions are often the downfall of and otherwise fine ring, but these were very tender.  Again, very little seasoning was used.  The batter was interesting:  texture was "Crunch-chewy" or "Croggy" (crunchy-soggy).  They were pretty good with seasoning and/or ketchup, if you could overcome the weird texture.  
  • Cake - We had trouble choosing from the extensive menu of homemade desserts.  Jack selected the peanut butter chocolate cake.  It had been kept in the "icebox", and was very moist.  It had a brownie-like texture that was a bit lumpy.  The icing was all peanut butter, and we could detect some peanut butter in the chocolate cake, too.

ATMOSPHERE:Wunsche Bros Neon

  • The building was built by the Wunsche family in 1902.  It is entered in the national register of historic places.  Pretty historic and cool.
  • The menu consisted of a wide array of comfort foods, and happened to include a burger.  The atmosphere was not purely "burger joint", but was enjoyable.
  • They had a full bar, and air conditioning... nice to escape the afternoon heat of summertime.
  • Jack noticed that there was only one TV, and didn't feel that was enough to hold his attention for much longer than a mealtime.
  • They did have a live music schedule posted on the blackboard at the bar. We thought it might be nice to come back to see a show.

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